How easy it is to sign up? First steps

Really easy our online website has a system to sign you up and automatically set up your weekly payments

when you first sign up the automated system will set your first weekly payment to the next day – THIS WILL BE CHANGED-RELAX DONT PANIC

WE WILL- txt you something like this within the same day of sign up before anything processes

Us-thanks for your hire your first payment is ( your first week $14.95, your bond$50 your delivery fee $ 30 and $2 admin charge, total =96.95 please pay direct to our account number—————, and what day next week shall we reset the system to process your weekly payment of 14.95

you – thanks I’ll make the direct transfer and please make my payments on thursdays to match my payday- cheers

then – wait for the delivery team to txt you for a delivery schedule 1-3 days

Are there any other charges?

Yes, a $2 admin charge, a $30-$50 delivery charge(price varies on km distance) and a $50-$200($50 but more if multiple items  or dependant on a high product value) refundable bond per product, any return freight charges are taken from the bond.( your weekly ongoing fee is set from your sign dependant

Is there a credit check?

Yes but is is at our expense not yours, you sign to this when you accept our terms and conditions.

Why is there a bond?

We are a premium equipment provider, our machines are valuable, new or near new condition, your expectation is to hire a quiet modern as new machine- we are the right choice for you

Can I change the day I get charged?

Yes easy , you can ask the office at any time to change your payment days according to your needs.

How does hire to buy work?

50% of what you have spent in hire comes of the price of  the machine but  to a max discount  of 50% of the machines value.
After you hire you can pay off the balance owing over a 6 month interest free term. That is our hire to buy policy

Customers ask , cant i just rent and own it? Answer-well, how about when you rent car or trailer ,tools etc?

When you hire Leisure Hire  owns the goods so it is not legal to allow you to pay off goods on hire that you don’t own , that would be- Hire Purchase- we know its confusing because of the popular wording -hire to buy- that is so often used , still need help ? please call the sales phone line

What if I want to order more than one product ?

Yes you can order multiple machines, but please DONT sign up several times as you will be charges, extra delivery/admin etc. its best to call us on the ACCOUNTS  phone number and double check we have everything you want and then you will be prompted to sign up on one of the items you want and we will add in the other products manually to your newly created account